Kamala Gets a Makeover

Well at least her web site “Kamala Not My President” has gotten a huge makeover.

We know it’s only a matter of time before Biden’s puppet masters throw him under the bus – and they wheel in this whore. I thought I’d get a jump on it by securing the domain name www.KamalaNotMyPresident.com. Technically it is for sale to either a Liberal, who wants to kill it; or to a Conservative wanting to take it to the next level and monetize it; or even a wild man who thinks it would be a great domain name to forward to a porn site.

However, until then, I’ll add context to it so is that it builds a following.

Today, I spent the day converting the “Look & Feel” to a magazine style. Take a little time to look through the site, share posts to find interesting or funny, and visit often as context will be actively added.